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Battle Cancer Manchester

Athlete pack .

First thing first, Thank you! If you amazing people didn't sign up to take part in our fundraising fitness celebration then we wouldn't have an event to host. From all the team at Battle Cancer we are so grateful for your support throughout the year.
Battle Cancer 2018 (Manchester):

Victoria Warehouse, Trafford Wharf Road, Manchester, M17 1AB


Victoria Warehouse Manchester

The venue for our powerhouse northern event is the amazing Victoria Warehouse, hit the button above to check out the website with all the info you need on the venue. Below is a number of handy maps to help you find your way to us on the day.


Registration on the day is your first step to getting on the competition floor and hitting the workouts. Just a couple of key points for registration;
1. You whole team needs to register together, this lets us make sure all the teams have everything
2. All team members will need to sign the event waiver and registration form on the day, just for all the boring admin reasons
2. All team members will need to sign the event waiver and registration form on the day, just for all the boring admin reasons
3. Registration time will be the only one on the day, with a lot of incredible teams to get signed up we won't be able to register your team outside of the registration window
4. Registration is from 8am - 9am you will not be able to register your team outside of these hours, we are really sorry but for the smooth running of the day we need to ensure the times are all down to a tee.

Athlete Kit

There is no need to bring any extra special fitness equipment with you on the day, we don't have skipping in our workouts or other movements that would require extra equipment. We would recommend however that you do bring all your usual kit including appropriate clothing and any supports you use ( belts and sleeves are all OK) We are afraid that there is no secure areas for you to leave your kit bags etc so please be aware that you leave items at your own risk.

Food & Drink

The venue will be serving food and drink on the day in partnership with the amazing KettleBell Kitchen. Please be aware that there will not be any facilities to heat up your own food if you chose to bring your own. There will be great fitness food sold all throughout the day, with our amazing venue being a little bit out of the way of other food outlets we would advise you to bring cash with you on the day for food and healthy snacks that will be available. We have to remind all athletes that if you consume alcohol on the day during the competition time, you will not be able to return to the workout floor to continue.

Athlete Welfare

On the day of the event we will have first aid trained members of staff on hand along with venue paramedics just incase something goes wrong. We know that many of you who are taking part are super competitive and we love that, we just want to make sure that everyone leaves the day in one piece. If you have any concerns or something goes a little wrong please let your judge know who will be able to point you in the right direction of a first aider. If you being to feel unwell at all please don't just suffer, tell a volunteer and we can be on hand to make sure you enjoy the day happy and healthy.

Rules & Conduct

Battle Cancer is run solely by volunteers, we are not a multimillion pound organisation so please keep this in mind on the day. We are incredibly passionate about making sure you have the best event possible and will be working very hard on the day to make this happen. Our goal is as one big team to raise as much money as possible for UK cancer charities. We would ask that your conduct on the day matches the spirit of the day and you show kindness to volunteers, staff and your fellow athletes.
We ask that you Kindly obey the instructions on the day from staff and judges, adhere to timings and ensure any admin we ask be completed is done so. We ask that you avoid leaving any rubbish at the venue and use the bins provided. Please stay courteous and polite to judges and staff and most of all enjoy your day.

Briefing & Schedule

Your event welcome and mass warm up will take place from 09:10 - 09:35, this will be super fun and show the whole of the UK that we all stand up to battle cancer together.
10:00 W1 (93)
11:35 W2 (99)
13:15 LUNCH (30)
13:45 W3 + W4 BRIEFING (15)
14:00 W3 (106)
15:45 W4 (94)
17:20 PODIUM
17:45 CLOSE